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  • PIK ASS, RMI, Pbg, Pecap, RMI, MDK Monitor, KNUT, KLARA are  products of Punctum KG © 2004 – 2014
  • Theobald Software GmbH, for Xtract and the related Software, XTRACT QV, Xtract Universal and XTRACT IS
  • SAP, R/3, mySAP, NetWeaver and ABAP are legal trademarks of the SAP AG Walldorf
  • ERPConnect is a legal trademark of Theobald Software GmbH
  • Business Content is a Specific Term used for SAP R/3 and SAP BIW Extraction by SAP AG.
  • QlikView, Qlik,  QlikTech are legal trademarks of QlikTech International AB / QlikTech Inc.
  • GWI AGFA Orbis is a trademark of AGFA AG
  • SQL Server and the Microsoft BI Components are legal trademarks Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA
  • GBWS is a Product of Deutsche Rentenversicherung
  • Der Begriff TIMEBASE® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Magrathea Informatik GmbH, Hannover.
  • Checkpoint FM is a Product of Lohmann und Birkner, Berlin